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Get highly reliable sports field maintenance services for your schools, communities and municipalities. Sunset Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance can help you with your fall and spring cleanup and make sure your fields are ready for the season.

Periodic maintenance services

Get ready for the season!

 •  Baseball fields

 •  Softball fields

 •  Soccer fields

 •  Football fields

 •  Fields for track events

 •  In-season maintenance

Regular usage of your sporting fields can cause wear and tear and other types of damages. This is why you need superior upkeep services that will ensure your fields are ready in time.


Our in-season upkeep and maintenance services are second to none. So, get in touch with us and we'll make sure your sporting season goes on without a hitch.

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Superior Upkeep Services

Get the best and most trustworthy landscaping advice when you call our professionals. We are a fully insured landscaping business!

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